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My heart is in a different state

I really, really, really, REALLY, did I mention, REALLY, LOVE to travel. I like the idea of getting in a car, or plane, and sometimes bus or train if its a short trip. I love the excitement you get when you start to pack and the count down is on. COVID-19 has changed a few things, turned others upside down and even put a full stop to plans, people, places and things. My husband travels quite a bit for his job and that gives the perfect opportunity to travel and explore, see a new state, meet new people, learn history and try new food or go to new restaurants. It also helps keep things spicy in our marriage. Its like a new date in a state every 2 weeks. We usually stay at the Marriott, our preferred hotel. They always greet us with a smile and the amenities are first rate. Unfortunately, this year, so far, we haven't been able to do our normal travel dating. We have had to get creative, find a way to reinvent and date during COVID-19. We have taken midnight trips on the expressway and driven downtown and the surrounding times. We challenged ourselves to find something we have never taken notice of, find the beauty in something and talk about our day, hopes, dreams and planning our next vacation when the restrictions are lifted. We have tried new recipes and had fun imagining what country we were visiting. We take walks in the neighborhood and let the fresh air remind us of God's handiwork in nature. What has changed in your life since COVID-19 has taken place? Do you watch the news more, do you have conversations every chance you get about updates? What has been the greatest challenge? What has been your surprisingly new talent? Have you changed any routines? Do you have kids, how have your kids adjusted? What adjustments have you made for your kids? What's something you thought you would never do, but you do now and you are pretty good at it? I have learned that life is not always perfect, easy or filled with happy thoughts all the time. I have realized that on my worst days, I still have a lot to be thankful and grateful for. I have the conviction that material things dont mean as much as having peace of mind. I have experienced joy when sharing my last for someone that needs it most. I have felt the the total peace that prayer brings. COVID-19 has taken our world by storm on so many levels, but there are also depths of gratitude, appreciation, generosity of spirit and a well being and well wishes that we experience everyday from neighbors, friends, family, essential works, and complete strangers. While I am not traveling or spending ideal weekends some place sunny and fun with my husband, I am finding the blessing in everything, the rainbow at the end of the tunnel and the need to help when needed or wherever I can. These things help nourish my soul and helps me to see the bigger picture. We all are connected in someway and somehow and we are really are at our best when we work together. Do you have any tips or ideas on things that have helped you? What has made the biggest impact on you? I hope each day, you find a reason to smile, show your best, be your best and do your best. Give back to someone or something, find a cause and support it. Smile and let the world know that you are still standing. #whorunstheworld

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