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So much to be Thankful for-2020

Happy Thanksgiving. This year has been one to remember to say the least. We have had to adjust, rethink, change, focus and find ways to live a new normal. What has made sense and gave me comfort is to work on what I can control, what gives me peace and helps me to spread some peace, whenever I can.

My flower farm, family, friends and complete strangers has given me a purpose, mission and happy memories along the way. Every day I soak up as much information as possible on flowers. Hardy annuals, perennials, corms, tubers, seeds, high tunnels, low tunnels, greenhouse, direct sow, and seedlings. Its ALOT, but I am enjoying the ride.

I have a 9-5 as well, and that has even changed somewhat how I work. I am thankful for an "adjustment" and not a loss of employment. I am learning to appreciate and be thankful for things I previously took for granted or didnt give it a 2nd thought. I hug my family tighter, take moments that I would have otherwise not have thought about, and now make an effort to be present and focused more on whomever I am with. I enjoy going out and getting fresh air or the feel of dirt under my fingertips while planting or when seeds come in the mail, it feels like Christmas. While, 2020 has come in like a tornado, I am determined to stop, look, admire, listen and find joy, peace and a spirit of thankfulness. Hope this year, what's left of it, you appreciate the little things, aim for your goals and dreams, love a little harder your family and friends and smile often, you don't want or need any wrinkles.

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