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Dream vs Reality- Small Cut Flower Farm

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

If anyone knows me pretty well, they can assuredly say a lot of things about me, but 2 things would probably be on my top 5 list of Nicolisms. One is flowers and the other, is I am not afraid to follow my dreams or start a business. I have loved flowers since I was a little girl and the love and fondness grew as I got older. It was even better when a boyfriend would gift them to me but a serious benefit and plus when my eventual husband knew how much I loved them and every time I would visit him out of town while dating, I could count on being greeted with an armful of flowers.

I also enjoy the pursuit of starting a business. I have tried and owned several. Not sure if always a good or bad thing, but I'm not scared. lol With COVID-19 and 2020 seeming to have a mind of its own, it really has made us as a society and culture dig into our hearts, minds and souls and if you are listening correctly, bring out the best in us. It has allowed us to slow down, conserve, value family and friendships. Analyze our strengths and work on our weaknesses and hopefully enlarge our hearts for sympathy and compassion. For the first 3 months of working from home, my husband made it a weekly ritual to get me fresh flowers from Trader Joe's or Costco. It was a highlight of my week that brought calmness, excitement and assurance to me that better days are ahead. I enjoyed creating bouquets out of whatever he picked that week, deciding what vase and where they would go. It really brought me joy. As the months went on, I started seeing more and more IG pages that were homesteader or cut flower farm pages. I instantly was engaged and captured. Things started clicking and falling in place and I said, hey, I can do this, love this and bring joy to as many people as possible with flowers. It was something that gave me instant peace, made sense and something that was attainable. We have close to a half of acre in our backyard, My hubby has a serious green thumb, we have been gardening every since we have been together, this year made 24 years for us.

I have had time to research, study, order and prepare for the coming season. So I did like only I seem to do each and every time, I jumped heart first and foot forward second. I'm starting a mini cut flower garden yall!!!! I'm doing cartwheels, running man and walking around with the biggest smile. I hope you will check back often and check my progress. I hope you local Indiana peeps, will sign up for a flower subscription or pick up a bouquet to brighten someone's day. I hope this chapter continues to be Something Some How Pretty Amazing !

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