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We are an Indianapolis Family-Run Cut Flower Farm, Specializing in Seasonal, Unique Flowers. 

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 I'm Nicol

Welcome to Something Somehow Pretty Amazing-Indianapolis Micro Cut Flower Farm.  My name is Nicol Adenekan I'm the voice behind, in front and at the heart of Something Somehow Pretty Amazing.  I believe everyday something somehow amazing happens to each of us.  Join me in the Amazing journey of my micro Indianapolis Cut Flower farm, daily inspiration, and the interesting journey my life takes me. 

I turned 50 in 2020 and couldn't be more excited and embracing ALL that 50 has in store for me.  One of the things that happened to me was connecting a passion and love to get something AMAZING.  I have always had a passion and love for flowers and it seemed that everything just fell in place, made sense and worked out and I jumped on the band wagon and have been researching, planning, reading, connecting, sourcing and learning all about Cut Flower growing and farming.  I got my hubby on board and the rest has been history. My goal is to provide a Simply Amazing space where anyone can come and get locally grown, none pesticide and Simply Gorgeous, lush, unique and Beautiful blooms.  We want to always have locally grown, speciiality and native blooms available to our community. 

We specialize in fresh, seasonal blooms grown on our Indianapolis Micro Cut Flower Farm.  We offer luxury flower bouquets and we have CSA flower subscriptions.  Community Supported Agriculture- is a way to pre-purchase a "share"of the harvest from a farm and then receive fresh flowers throughout the season. Our harvests, are fresh flowers. Subscriptions are for weekly, twice a month, and for 2-3 months.

We have special DIY days for you to make your own bouquets. We also have packages for small weddings, DIY brides, photographers, Event Planners, birthdays, anniversaries or whatever you desire for your flower needs.

Take a seat, call a friend, either way, you are welcome and the best part of what I love.  Something Somehow Pretty Amazing.

Flowers at our Mini Farm

Our flowers are seasonal, fresh, no pesticides used while growing and plentiful varieties.  We plan throughout the year to bring you the freshest flowers.  Whether you need a bouquet for a special occasion, elopement bouquet, a DIY bride or a small wedding, we have you in mind.  We also have build your own bouquet days, where you pick the blooms you want, they are perfect for you. We want you to bring a piece of our farm home with you and let our blooms brighten your day.



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Inspiration for your heart, soul mind and day

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Ideas, Tips and Tricks to help you stay organized

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Fashion I love and for inspiration

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My favorite pastime and life- Foodie- Recipes, restaurants and food everything

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Inspiration, Design and things I love for the Home

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Come explore the world with me- places, to see and explore

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