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Fall is here and I am determined not to fall

Fall is here in all of its glory and I am so here for it. The leaves have started to change and fall and the air is a little crisp, but the sun hasn't refused to shine and I am grateful for that. We have been really working hard on the farm. We planted over 500 tulip bulbs, we planted over 50 peony tuber/roots, about 45% of the cool flowers have been planted I am still far behind, if I have to judge my progress, but everyday, when I go look at the different areas with flowers, I see growth, newness and it makes me deliriously happy. So far, the idea and reality that I am doing something I LOVE, something that gives me joy, is worth it all. I constantly work on learning about the seasons, blooms, my zone, mapping out how I want my mini farm to look and imaging how my flowers will bring joy to the different households, events, and occasions. Those are the things that help me to not give up and to keep going. I am determined to enjoy each season that this journey brings. I am prepared to admit I dont know it all, but willing and open to learn I am excited to meet new people, hear their stories as they grew their flowers. I am also committed to learning the best practices for growing and not using harmful chemicals and pesticides. I also am researching on how to keep the integrity of the soil and to replenish it in the best natural way. So, while fall is really here in all its glory, I also am looking forward to this time of growth and new beginnings

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